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DELTA JOB$ - Employee Referral Program

Delta Companies is always looking for great people. As a current employee, you can help us identify new and outstanding potential employees by using the DELTA JOB$ Referral Program.  We believe that new hires joining our team through employee referrals will be excellent contributors. We are looking for individuals who have the drive, integrity and dedication to excel.  If you know someone who you think would be a great addition to Delta family and he/she meets the qualifications for an eligible DELTA JOB$ opening, you can receive a referral stipend for yourself or a favorite charity.  Complete the FORM (click on form)  to make your referral and submit it to Human Resources or your supervisor.

DELTA JOB$ Guidelines:

    1. To refer a potential employee, complete this form and return it; ideally you should include a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume and application, to  Human Resources or your immediate supervisor
    2. Only candidates hired to positions posted under the label DELTA JOB$ and listed on the website are eligible to receive a stipend.
    3. If more than one employee refers a candidate, the first DELTA JOB$ referral received – determined by date - will receive the stipend.
    4. Delta Companies will provide the referring employee with an acknowledgement of referral and will subsequently, if qualified, contact the candidate for an interview.
    5. If a candidate has applied within the previous 3 months, no stipend will be paid.
    6. Employees/Supervisors involved in the hiring decision, for a particular position, are not eligible for a stipend related to the open position.  Supervisors are only eligible to receive a stipend for their favorite charity.
    7. There is no limit to the number of referral stipends an employee may receive. All stipends are taxed and paid through payroll.
    8. All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.  Therefore, Delta Companies will not share information regarding the application status.
    9. The referring employee will receive $100, shortly after the new employee’s start date and then an additional $200 after 90 days of employment.  Both the referring employee and the new hire must be employed by Delta at the time of the disbursement.