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Liquid Asphalt / Emulsion

“Asphalt emulsion is a combination of three basic ingredients, asphalt, water, and small amount of an emulsifying agent. In the same process, these components are introduced into a mechanism known as a colloid mill, which shears the asphalt into tiny droplets. The emulsifier, which is a surface-active agent, keeps the asphalt droplets in a stable suspension and controls the breaking time. The result is a liquid product with a consistency ranging from that of milk to heavy cream, which can be used in cold processes for road construction and maintenance.”

“Asphalt emulsion does not require a petroleum solvent to make it liquid and in most cases asphalt emulsions can be used without additional heat. Both of these factors contribute to energy savings. Additionally, asphalt emulsions offer great flexibility in their application since they offer the end-user a great variety of characteristics not found in other paving and maintenance materials. Asphalt emulsions are environmentally friendly. There are little or no hydrocarbon emissions created with their use.”
- Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association
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