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Cape Girardeau shop earns Colas Gold Level 6S Shop Certification

Last Tuesday, Colas Inc. representatives Eric Plouzennec  (Vice President – Equipment) and Jon Hager (Plants and Equipment) performed the final inspections at the Cape Girardeau Shop. And, we are delighted and proud to inform you the Shop  earned the coveted  Colas 6S Shop Certification – GOLD Level.

Tony Shafer and his team have worked diligently toward the  6S of Safety,  Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

The Shop Team consisting of Ethan Swain, Roger Byford, Kevin Keene, Levi Harris, Gary McIntyre, Daniel Freezor, Gary Zweigart, and Zach Norman maintained and improved the following initiatives (from their efforts a year ago to earn the Silver level):

  • Obsolete parts (Sort)
  • Overstock/Left over parts (Sort)
  • Prioritize Inventory (Sort)
  • Maximize space available (Straighten)
  • Clean and Repair facility (Shine)
  • Process flow of work (Sustain)
  • Establish Safety/environmental standards (Safety)
  • Develop a Safety Culture Safety/environmental stewardship (Safety)

The following slide from Tony’s presentation sets clear expectations for each member of the Shop Team, and also sets the example for all of us.

And, as you can see below, the Shop Team has climbed to the highest level – GOLD!

In addition to the Shop Team, Eric, and Jon, Delta’s new President Zach Green, Construction Region Manager Rick Moody, Plants & Equipment Manager Jerry Farnham, and Human Resources Manager Debbi Robinson joined the celebration.

Congratulations to Tony and his team!!!

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