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Environmental Stewardship

Energy Conservation: Warm-Mix Asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt technologies, which allow asphalt to be produced and placed at lower temperatures, save energy and reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Warm-mix asphalt technologies allow the producers of asphalt pavement material to lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed on the road. Reductions of 50° to 100° Fahrenheit have been achieved. These reductions result in lower fuel consumption and a decrease in the production of greenhouse gases. There are also engineering and constructability benefits, including better compaction on the road, the ability to haul paving mix for longer distances, and extending the paving season by being able to pave at lower temperatures. At the Delta Companies, we have named our “warm-mix asphalt” product EcoMat.

For more information about the sustainability of asphalt pavements, download a copy of Black and Green: Sustainable Asphalt, Now and Tomorrow from the National Asphalt Pavement Association website.


Energy Conservation: cLeanergie

All operations throughout the Delta Companies Inc. work to preserve the environment through energy management all along our value chain. Ongoing concentration on sustaining the communities and resources in which we operate will enable our Company to flourish today and long into the future.

We adhere to our strategic plan of ensuring a commitment to energy conservation.

The “cLeanergie” initiative focuses on four areas to reduce energy consumption as shown below:

  1. Stock Pile Moisture Management – focus on better storage areas at our asphalt plants for aggregates to allow for better drainage as well as loader training to ensure we are not drying wet stone when possible.
  2. Mix Temperature – reduce the temperature of hot mix asphalt to a warmer temperature thus reducing fuel and emissions.
  3. Coordination – reduce the amount of waiting time on job sites and plant sites to allow better utilization of assets and employees.
  4. Reduce the Fuel Consumption – reduce the amount of idle time or non-productive time during the duration of the day.

Each of our manufacturing facilities (asphalt, aggregates, terminal) and our project sites seek to incorporate these principles into their daily tasks. We utilize technology to measure the amount of fuel we consume on a daily basis. This helps us to improve efficiency and to identify equipment in need of attention, such as repairs, tune-ups, and replacement. We also utilize a Global Positioning System (GPS) system across our equipment fleet. This system allows us to monitor numerous metrics of our assets, such as idle time, speeding, and hard braking.

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